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230mm stainless gyuto mazur birch/brass

230mm stainless gyuto mazur birch/brass
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A versatile chef's knife for everyday use. The geometry of the cutting edge supports rocking and push cutting techniques.

This knife is made from Aeb-l stainless steel, for the ideal balance of durability and edge retention, the blade is heat-treated to 60 Rockwell.

The handle is made from Mazur birch, brass ferrule.

Cutting edge: 230mm ( thickness - 0.16mm at 2mm, 0.5mm at 5mm, 0.85mm at 10mm)
Balance point: 15mm from the handle
Overall length: 368mm
Height at the heal: 58mm
Spine thickness: 2.76mm to 0.66mm at 10mm from the tip
Weight 227g