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I make culinary tools designed for both the professional chef and home cook. Each item is individually handcrafted. My products combine unique design and outstanding performance. These kitchen knives and wooden boards are for those, like me, who are passionate cooks. They also make attractive and practical gifts for all occasions.

All my knives are made by hand. Stock removal method begins with coping a predesigned profile onto a sheet of steel. This profile is then cut out using an angle grinder and then refined on a knife grinder. Before the handle is added and sculptured, each blade is heat treated to 60HRC. All knives are sharpened free hand on water stones.

My knives are made from O1 tool steel. Carbon steel is well known to take a sharper edge than most common stainless steel and it is easy to sharpen. But, like all non-stainless steel blades, it will oxidise when damp and exposed to acid foods. Over time, a patina will form on the surface of the metal, marking with pride each meal the knife has had helped create.  I use natural, non- stabilised woods for my handles; these will age and become more distinctive with regular use.

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