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182mm x 57mm carbon steel nakiri

182mm x 57mm carbon steel nakiri
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A knife for everyday vegetable prep.

This knife is made from 52100 carbon steel. For ideal balance of durability and edge retention, the blade is heat-treated to 62 Rockwell. Convex bevels, satin finish at 500 grit. Polished spine & choil.

Heirloom fit handle in rokkaku hanmaru shape made from stabilised Mazur birch & brass.

High carbon steel requires hand washing and most importantly, immediate drying to prevent corrosion—a small price to pay for a longer-lasting edge. Over time, a natural patina will form on the surface of the blade.

Blade length 182mm
Blade height 57mm
Overall length 330mm
Spine thickness 2.27mm / 1.89mm
Edge 0.84mm at 10mm, 0.43mm at 5mm, 0.13mm at 1mm from the edge.
Weight 224g
POB at the makers mark
Handle length 135mm