Knot Handcrafted Knives

8" carbon steel k-tip

A versatile chef's knife for everyday use. The geometry of the cutting edge supports rocking and push cutting techniques.

This knife is made from 26C3 high carbon steel, for the ideal balance of durability and edge retention, the blade is heat-treated to 62 Rockwell.

The handle is made from stabilised maple.

High carbon steel requires hand washing and most importantly, immediate drying to prevent corrosion—a small price to pay for a longer-lasting edge.

Over time, a natural patina will form on the surface of the blade, marking with pride each meal the knife has helped create.

Blade length 205mm
Blade height 58mm
Overall length 355mm
Spine thickness 2.2mm to 0.75mm at 10mm from the tip.
Weight 171g